Faq's Athena

What is the purity of gold in ATHENA Jewellery pieces?

The purity of gold in ATHENA Jewellery pieces is 18 Karat, i.e. a fine gold content of 75% by weight or 750 parts of pure gold out of 1000

ATHENA Jewellery is studded with which Stones?

ATHENA Collection is made with original diamonds with SI clarity & GH colour.

Is ATHENA jewellery hallmarked?

Yes. ATHENA Jewellery is hallmarked for purity by the government authorized testing laboratory. Hallmarking scheme is operated under the regulations of Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS), a department under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs of Government of India. As per the scheme, jewellery is tested for purity and hallmarked at the BIS authorized centers. Each and every ATHENA jewellery piece bears the hallmarking logo and purity value.

Where is ATHENA Jewellery manufactured?

ATHENA jewellery is manufactured at Emerald Jewel Industry India Ltd (EJIIL) located at Coimbatore, the largest unit in SAARC region.

What Guarantees does ATHENA offer for its Gold Jewellery?

ATHENA offers Guarantee against Manufacturing Defects for all of its jewellery. ATHENA offer IGI certification for diamonds.

Does ATHENA offer any Buy-Back/Exchange Scheme for its Gold Jewellery?

ATHENA does not offer any Exchage or Buy Back on its Products directly. The same is offered by the Retail Outlet. The Exchange and Buy Back Policies of the Retailer from whom the purchase is being made can be confirmed at the time of purchase as the same varies in every case.

How prices of ATHENA jewellery changes with fluctuation in Gold Prices?

ATHENA jewellery is sold on making charges + Gold rate of 75 purity + Diamond rate

What care should be taken so as to maintain the jewellery?

Check your jewellery every 3 months:-Prongs can wear thin, and stones may fall off.Ring shanks can wear thin with age.
Chlorine bleach can weaken gold, and soap can dull its beautiful shine.
Avoid wearing your jewellery in the shower, hot baths, and swimming pools
Chains and Bracelets need special care:-Always lay them out flat when not being worn.
Exposure to oil, sweat and mineral deposits can harm your jewellery, discolouring it
Remove it when sleeping, cooking or exercising.
Avoid contact with harsh chemicals, hair products, soap and sea water.
Abrasive surfaces can scratch your precious jewellery
Avoid wearing it while doing rough manual work or other activities.
Try not to expose your jewellery to damp air
Store it in a dry place, in a zip-lock bag or jewellery case.
Inspect jewellery regularly for any damage or loosening.
Most of  jewellery need only a light buffing with a jewellery cleaning cloth. 
Examine your jewellery prior to cleaning to ensure all clasps and hinges are secure.
Use 4-5 drops of mild Shampoo in l/4 Liter hot water (at bathing temperature) and soak the jewellery for 4-5 minutes. If necessary use a very soft toothbrush and gently brush to remove dirt. Dry it and wash the jewellery in pure water. Go through this process periodically when you feel your jewellery need a Shine.