About Us

Emerald, the LARGEST MANUFACTURER of Jewellery in the SAARC countries, has been producing impeccably designed, high quality products for the domestic and international markets. Emerald’s Gold and Electroforming jewellery are in constant high demand in India, the Far East, Middle East and the West. This success has been spearheaded by the visionary entrepreneur Shri M. K. Srinivasan, whose experience and pursuit for excellence has helped the company set quality standards that others follow.

The 4000+ people company, started 30 years ago as a traditional jewellery maker, is now Asia’s Largest Manufacturer of Jewellery with ultra-modern machines in state-of-the-art production facilities in 4 locations that produce a vast product range, meeting every kind of domestic and international market needs. Hand-made and Casting jewellery in 18 and 22 Karats, unique in design and un-parallel in finish; Machine made, Stamping, Diamond, Multi-colour Studded, Fusion, Filigree, Light-weight jewellery and articles – Electroforming, Italian mesh and Hollow. The company is the proud owner of the world’s biggest Electro Forming Manufacturing Unit for jewellery. Emerald is today, one of the most comprehensive and capable jewellery manufacturers of the Asian subcontinent.

Emerald has over 2 lakh unique jewellery designs in its repository, wholly developed by over 100 talented designers across the country using India’s biggest, company owned, CAD-CAM infrastructure in Coimbatore. An in-house training centre provides extensive training in the areas of design, production, stone setting and finishing to a highly skilled and motivated workforce.
Emerald owns the brands Ishtaa, Nishtaa, Jewel One, Corona, FFF:) for the aspiring Indian consumer, offering best in class products made with cutting edge jewellery manufacturing technology.



Athena is the Greek goddess of intelligence, skill, handicrafts, arts and literature. Her origin and worship has been connected to numerous human endeavours that contributed to the art, crafts, knowledge, exploration and magnificent initiatives of the glorious Greek civilization - that awe us even today.

Athena from the house of Emerald celebrates supreme imagination and craftsmanship in a stunning collection of designer diamond jewellery.

A First of its Kind collection, Athena, designed by Ms Indra Jadwani and uniquely handcrafted by Emerald, brings alive the essence of articulate patterns and detailing with bold statement pieces.

Ms Indra Jadwani (designer) – My Collection boasts of unique and modern designs that beautifully compliment different styles of Ensembles for the Modern Woman. I evolve everyday with creative ideas and get captivated by any form, shape and surroundings that stimulate my brains. Restless and Impatient by Nature, I always look around for newer ideas. My Best selling designs have been inspired by Nature. I look at things with a different perspective. Sensitive, Passionate, Bold yet classy.. my Jewelry is turning dream into Reality.

The designs are inspired by the Mughal architectural motifs in nature, flora, geometric and lattice patterns. Bold, but delicate and elegant, Athena’s distinctive designs are aesthetic blends of the classic and the contemporary. Intricate and striking, dramatic yet feminine, each of these designs is unique and a true masterpiece.

Every piece is an ensemble of flawless stones and crafting excellence. The Athena collection uses 5-50 Carat diamonds making up Bridal necklaces, Pendant sets, Chandeliers, Cocktail rings, Kadas and Bracelets. Aesthetically decorated with precious colour stones like Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Pearl. Double Earrings, Fringe inspired Pendant sets and Necklaces, Earcuffs, versatile wearable jewellery with changeable colour stones, ornate rings, double rings and modern-wear Kadas and Jhumkas are innovative extensions to the Athena creative collection.

Athena, Designer Diamond Jewellery, is the latest from the house of Emerald, being launched at the prestigious IIJW 2014. A dazzling collection of unique, exquisitely designed, imaginative creations, for the Elite women.

We invite you to this elegant experience called Athena.